I’m gearing up so summer and trying to will the nice weather to come around more often by testing out some of my bikinis. I admit to having a bikini addiction but I just cant help it. Love to buy them and wear them!
When talking about summer, bikinis and the sun, don’t forget about protecting your skin and your eyes!! I feel that it’s overlooked a lot and people don’t take it seriously. Trust me I love a good tan but at what price?? So I am always carrying around my Sun Bum sunblock and my Maui Jim sunglasses.
There are heaps of sunglasses around, but are they really protecting your eyes? I am a big supporter of Maui Jim Sunglasses and wear them all the time. Eyes are something you can’t replace and once the damage is done, it’s there forever, so investing in a great pair of sunnies will insure your eye safety. Plus they have great styles for men and women. Not only do they protect your eyes but Maui Jim has an amazing protection plan! Just send your glasses back if there are any problems and they will either fix the issue or replace your glasses for just $10!
Check out Maui Jim Sunglasses here
As far as skin protection goes with sun block, I love Sun Bum’s formula. It’s said that one in five people will get skin cancer…. that number is scary. So let’s reduce the risk by 80% just by using proper sun protection products! Sun Bum’s sunscreen is safe to use,and  IT SMELLS SOOO YUMMY! I end up smelling like coconuts all day when I use it. Sun Bum Sunscreens are also tested, approved and recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation

Check out Sun Bum’s line of great products here

On to my favorite….BIKINIS! Not sure why I love them so much when I live in a mostly cold climate…wishful thinking I suppose!
Pictured on the left: Chooks New Bay Red Top and Bottom about $60 for the set. here USE PROMO CODE SUMMERSAVE to receive a 5% discount on your entire order!!
This brand runs a bit small and the bottoms fit me tight so I may opt for a size up. The top fits true to size. The fit is well…. very clearly a thong bottom. I love it but some may want more coverage.
Pictured on the right: Cia Maritima Beachwear from Brazil Python Brazilian Bikini (I got mine last year so it may not be on the site)  here is their site so you can see what style you like!
This suit fits true to size and is a Brazilian style meaning the booty portion covers more than a thong but less than a regular brief… very cheeky!
That’s all for today’s post!
Until next time.

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