Playing with my Nikon

This past weekend I decided to invest in a shutter remote and a tripod for my Nikon D5100 DSLR camera.
I haven’t use the camera nearly as much as I should be, but at least this will be a good start.
I have the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera, which I bought a few years back.


Actually, this camera is the one I brought to Seattle and shot the photos for my previous blog post with.

The remote I bought was from Best Buy and it is the Insignia Wireless Remote here

I liked this remote a lot. it was small enough to hide in pictures and easy to setup.
Setting up your camera to use the wireless remote just takes a few steps.
1. Turn on the camera and push the menu button.
2. Select the Shooting Menu option on the left hand side with the camera icon.
3. Select the Release Mode option.
4. Then you will have the option of 2 second delayed remote or the quick response remote. (I used the 2 second delay to give me time to hide or drop the remote so it didn’t show up in the photos)
5. Once you have selected your remote option you are ready to shoot.
6. After you have set up your photo go ahead and press the button and wait for the shutter.
In order to steady my camera and get a clear picture, I also purchased this tripod so I can take fashion pictures or any kind of still photo, as my hands aren’t always steady.
I purchased the Sunpak – PlatinumPlus 5858D 58″ Tripod – Black from Best Buy here
It’s easy to use and when I am done I can fold it up and put it back in the box or and easy to carry bag.
Last but not least I have a photo from my first try with the remote and tripod.
photo (1)

Overall I was happy with the results of the photos I took with my new tripod and wireless remote!

That’s all for now!

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