The hottest holiday shopping promo in Tokyo: Kabe-Don

Kabe-don, two seemingly harmless Japanese words. Kabe, meaning wall and Don, a word that refers to the sound of a hand hitting a surface. These two words together as kabe-don refers to a certain position where a man places his hand against a wall where a female is standing so she cannot move…and he can lean in for a little smoochie action.


A store called GU in Ginza, Tokyo held this Kabe-don event as a holiday shopping promo. 

Women would come into the store and look around, pick up a special holiday item and ask how it looked. Then BAM! One of he  “hotties” would tell them how beautiful and cute they looked, while doing a kabe-don on them.

By the girls reactions, I’d say the promotion was a success. Rather than dragging a unwilling spouse along with little input, there were hot guys ready to tell you how beautiful you looked!

Guys !!! never fear, you weren’t left out of the action either.

So…..if you’re feeling like you need a confidence boost I guess you know where to go now.

That’s all for now!

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