Gift Fruit

So you want the full story huh? Well here it is.

For those of you who aren’t looking at this because of my facebook post I will re-post the photo and caption that started it all. 

“I never thought I would be buying gift fruit, but when you damage your neighbors apartment, it’s kinda what you do in Japan”

ImageSo here is the story behind it. This morning I had put a load of wash into the washing machine and was watching TV in another room when I heard my door bell ring. I checked the camera to see who it was (yes I have a doorbell with a camera and a speaker) and it was some woman I didn’t know. I took a step forward to answer the door and stepped in a huge puddle of water. I quickly answered the door and the woman explained that she is my neighbor who lives downstairs and that water was leaking into her apartment. I apologized many times and assured her that I would fix the problem. After I closed the door I went to have a look at the washing machine and noticed that the hose connecting the washer to the drain in the floor became detached and the water was coming from there. I firmly reattached the hose and mopped up the mess. I put another load in and watched it like a hawk to make sure there was no water leaking out.  

You’re probably wondering where the fruit comes into play. No? In Japan they sell regular, reasonably priced fruit that often times has some bruises and imperfections. Then there is the gift fruit which is so perfect in every way that it is only worthy of giving as a gift. So I bought a melon and an apple…. I think. I rang my neighbors doorbell and her high school aged son answered the door so I say お母さんはいらっしゃいますか。A very polite way to ask if his mother is home. She answers the door and so I say お忙しいところ失礼します。(in very polite speech) Excuse me for interrupting you.  前のことは大変でした申し訳ございません。Lit. The thing that happened before (referring to the water leaking into her apartment) I am very sorry I caused you trouble. これはつまらない物ですがよろしければお召し上がりください。This isn’t much but please (eat)(take) this. 

So all is repaid hopefully and she doesn’t still think I am the stupid foreigner who lives above her. 

That’s the story. Hope you enjoyed it. All for now-



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