Ofuro Troubles

I will start by explaining that an ofuro is the Japanese word for bath. A few weeks ago I went to use my bath, filled it with water and when I went to turn off the water, it wouldn’t stop running. The tenant before me said it might take a bit for the water to shut off so I figured I would just wait. Well it never stopped so I had to shut the water off all together. The bigger issue is that since the bath and the shower faucet are separate, when I use the bath faucet I cannot use the shower so now I am without a working shower. I called my landlady and she said they would fix it. Well it’s been two weeks and I got a call saying that it will take 3 more weeks to order the parts to replace my bath, so if I want I can use the shower in the apartment two floors below me. She also suggested that I just move down to that apartment. When I first heard that, it sounded a little drastic for a broken shower but when I went down to use the shower I found the apartment to be much nicer than mine. It has wood floors rather than tatami, a sink that has cold AND hot water unlike mine, and a working shower. So I decided that I would move down to the apartment on the second floor.

Aside from that decision I went to use the shower and turned on the hot water only to find that it never heated up. As I stood there shivering trying to figure out why there was no hot water, I realized that since no one lives in the apartment there is no gas running, which means no hot water. I had a feeling it was too good to be true….and it was. I forgot it’s Japan, it seems that simple things here are often more difficult then they need to be.


So now begins the moving process. I have to cancel my internet, stop my gas, electricity, and water, change my address, and get a new alien registration card. Sounds like the regular steps but I anticipate it to be a struggle. 


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