Gift Fruit

So you want the full story huh? Well here it is. For those of you who aren’t looking at this because of my facebook post I will re-post the photo and caption that started it all.  “I never thought I would be buying gift fruit, but when you damage your neighbors apartment, it’s kinda what […]

Ofuro Troubles

I will start by explaining that an ofuro is the Japanese word for bath. A few weeks ago I went to use my bath, filled it with water and when I went to turn off the water, it wouldn’t stop running. The tenant before me said it might take a bit for the water to […]

Stone Age

  In the minds of many, Japan lives in the future and is one of the most technologically advanced country, but as the months go by I believe that less and less. Japan is advanced when it comes to gadgets but when it comes to living it seems as if they live in the stone […]