This Thursday was a holiday so we got the day off. Some went to Tokyo but Wednesday night I was invited out with some teachers to get a drink and some Yakiniku. So I took the train to Honjo, a city about 20 minutes and a few train stops away from Takasaki. Thankfully as I was getting of the train I saw our school nutritionist who was also meeting us so we walked together to the yakiniku restaurant. I would have gotten lost otherwise. When we got there, we met about 5 other teachers and had some drinks and good conversation. After it was over I caught the last train back to Takasaki.
Thursday afternoon I met up with some friends and we took a day trip to Nagano to go ice skating and see the fall colors. Up in Nagano the leaves have been changing to rich reds and bright orange and yellows. We skated for a bit and then headed to a nearby outlet mall. Apparently the city we were in is a place where wealthy people from Tokyo go for vacation or sight seeing. The shops were extravagant and there were many places to eat. We shopped around a bit but we didn’t buy much.


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