Late recaps

August 13, 2011: GOT BURNED

I went to the local pool with my host sister Arisa and my host dad Mutsuo from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Little did I know that the sun is much much stronger here than in Minnesota. Little did I know that as we layed in the lazy river, my skin was busy burning away….This pool we went to happens to be right under the shinkansen (bullet train) line so every time one would pass over we could see. Short post yes but getting burned is the most important detail of the day. Overall had a lot of fun with my host dad and litte sister, playing tag and watching her swim around and have fun.


August 15, 2011

Today was costco day. So we are getting a new Costco in Maebashi which is a city next to Takasaki. If you sign up early for a membership then you get money off your yearly rate, so me and Seong and Cameron drove out there and waited in line. Sadly since Seong and I did not have our gaijin (foreigners card) yet we only were able to get a temporary card….After our costco journey it was time to meet other ALT’s at the Red Lion pub downtown for some drinks and dinner. Attempting to remember the details of these nights is fuzzy since its been a while since I have had access to real this will have to do for now.


August 16, 2011

Today was hott as usual, so after much deliberation Seong and I decided to go to the pool around 2pm. An initial trip to Sports Depot was in order so Seong could get swim trunks and such. Then we got lost going to get curry for lunch, it was about time for the daily “getting lost in Takasaki” trip. After we got that out of the way, we headed to the pool for a swim. This time instead of getting burned I caused a gajin bubble instead where there was at least a 8ft radius around me where no Japanese would dare to swim. So I did a test just to see if it was really me scaring these people off so I chose my poor subjects and moved closer and they kept moving away until they had no other place to go, then they just looked concerned haha that I may speak English or something. Test complete..Japanese are afraid of white a swimming pool. After the pool, it was time for dinner so we went back and cooked stir fry and had our first meal without rice since we arrived in Japan. Then it was off to Cameron’s for drinks. Unfortunately it was raining that night and I foolishly left my kitchen window open and came home to a very wet floor and countertops. At least it wasn’t the tatami room 🙂

more updates to come later tomorrow.



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