Word on the street

So I am now the owner of my own little Subaru Vivio supercharged might I add. I also had to drive it a few different places which was scary mostly because I have no idea where I am going. Today I will attempt to go to the train station and back without getting lost……. my car is about the size of a red-bull can or coffee can, but it putts along just fine. The shakken or road certificate expires in February so I am thinking of buying a newer used car, if that makes sense.

Other than buying a car I did some futon shopping and bought some school clothes, I am now on the hunt for school shoes because I cannot wear shoes that I wear outside, inside any of my schools. Word on the street is Takasaki is getting……… a COSTCO!! Hahaha good for me so I can get a few American items I want. It’s a big deal here so I am excited for it.

We have a big fireworks festival coming up as well so there will be parties. I am planning a trip to Guam in March or earlier, that is a popular vacation spot for Japanese people in my area at least. Hopefully I can make it to Okinawa too!.

My host mom teaches English too and has a school at our house called Apple Kids, but today she teaches nursery school so I am going with her… this will no doubt be the cutest day ever 🙂 all adorable Japanese children.

Pictures are soon to come later today.




One thought on “Word on the street

  1. Japan’s streets are so narrow, that it’s sometime scary. Make sure you utilize the mirrors to see your surroundings, especially in the neighborhoods and not the main roads. There may be times where you (or the other person) will have to back out so that one of you may pass.
    Anyhow, have a great and fun trip in Japan. And… Japanese guys are shy, so make the initiative. XD

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