Takasaki update

Hello all I am now at my amazing host family’s house for about ten days or more while my apartment gets new Tatami mats put in. So I have got my new phone but I think I will change to a Japanese phone because it has the same things like facebook and mail like the iphone. So far we have just been going the city hall and spending time in the board of education office going over various things like phones and school schedules. Right now I have the i phone but I am going to try to switch to this phone . I won’t move into my apartment for a while so until then I will stay with a great host family and they have a ten year old daughter names Arisa. On monday i will get my car and then I have to buy a new futon 🙂 I will also be climbing mount fuji in about a month with the other ALT’s and then we rest for a day and then go to a big amusement park up there that has 3 roller coasters that hold 3 Guiness world records!

Buying a phone was a 2 day process because I think the people at softbank forget how to set up a foreigner’s phone every year haha or they get new people who don’t know. either way it is finally done 🙂 That’s all for now, I will add more tomorrow.


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