All kinds of people

So this orientation is coming to a close but I thought I’d add some extra comments. So there are people from all over the world here and in my prefecture including Jamaica, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and all over the U.S. I’ve met a lot of people so far and we are getting ready to depart to our prefectures, at this point I’m hesitant about going but I think it is the initial thought of being alone and now having to talk with my new Japanese co-workers and teaching my young students. Although I will have the support of the other JET’s in my city and area, this new life will take some getting used to. There are people who have been able to bring their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and I am envious that they will have that familiar company. Tonight I am seeing my Japanese sister Natsuki 🙂 and I feel that this will ease some of my early homesickness. Anyway I will make one last post later tonight and that may be it for a while, I’ve hear that it takes a long time to get internet in my apartment. I will be buying and I-phone here so I will try to be connected as soon as possible, at least within the next week I should be getting my phone I hope. Well that’s all for now because I will be posting later, now time to go out in TOKYO:)


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